A Guide in Your cellphone

You can go on a guided tour of the rock carving area on your own. All you need is a cellular phone, tablet or computer. You can visit Nämforsen personally or sit at home with your computer. The tour is free.

Click here to go directly to the Guide.

You navigate using two maps.
The maps are clickable and when you click on different objects you get information about individual rock carvings but also about contemporary buildings and ancient sites that are close to Nämforsen.
Note that you must be in the Guide to click on the maps.
The maps below cannot be clicked.

Map 1 is an overview map with information about a larger part of the Nämforsen area.

You can, when you are in the guide, click on all the texts that are red and rock carnations that are red or black.  about a larger part of the Nämforsen area.

You enlarge the map by clicking + (plus) and – (minus sign) at the top left corner. Click on the flag and you change language. You return to the previous page by clicking on the arrow.

If you click on ”Rock carving” on Map 1 when you are inside the guide, you get a new map of a smaller area; rock carving areas on the north mainland and Laxön. These are the rock carvings available to visitors.

Map 2 is covering the rock carving area. Follow the path, marked with yellow on the map. If you are inside the guide and click on a rock carving symbol on map 2, you will see a picture of rock carvings.

If you are inside the Guide and click on a rock carving, an information box will appear. At the same time, red dots mark all carvings with the same information.