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Nämforsen in Näsåker is a site of one of the largest collections of rock-carvings in Europe. About 2600 different figures and lines have been chipped out on the rocky islands of Notön, Brådön, Laxön and their adjacent shores close to the rapids.


The oldest carvings were probably made around 4500 B.C. A cultural heritage of great importance!


See the magical imagery of the Stone Age hunting folk in an unbeatable environment.


Visit Nämforsen on your own with a guide in your mobile phone  


Interesting archaeological discoveries.


Water sluiced daily 15th June - 15th August.


Welcome to Nämforsen Hällristningsmuseum with
a wonderful view over the river valley!

No charge!


During summer a tourist information centre is open within the visitor centre.

Information - Cafeteria

INFO: Tel. +46 622-106 30

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